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Learning All About Auto Loans

Las Vegas Bail Bonds: Three Different Bonds Options A Judge Might Grant You.

Eva Kennedy

You probably won't expect to get arrested during a Las Vegas vacation. But, what if you were arrested and charged for a crime?  What type of bail bond options are available after you appear before a judge? Below are three bail bonds that a judge might grant you: 

The Recognizance Bond

When you're arrested, you're kept in a local holding cell until your first court date. A judge will award you bail if your crime isn't too severe. If you're not found to be a repeat criminal offender, there's a possibility that you'll be released on what's called your own recognizance, or an OR bond

An OR bond means that you'll promise the judge that you'll appear for your sentencing court date on your own, without the need to be kept in jail. This is the easiest type of bond to receive, as you won't be required to spend any money to be released from jail.

You'll need to keep in mind that you'll be required to stay in Las Vegas; you won't be allowed to go home. However, you will be allowed to obtain a local defense attorney, and make important phone calls to your employer and to family members back home. 

The Cash Bond

If the judge decides that you're too much of a flight risk (Meaning, there's a great chance you'll leave Las Vegas and skip your court date), then the judge will issue grant you a cash bond. In this case, you'll be released from jail until your sentencing date if you can pay the cash bond fee. You'll have the option of paying for it in cash, a cashier's check, or with a money order.

In some courts, you'll be allowed to pay the fee with your credit card. But, keep in mind that the cash bond option is often expensive. That leads to the third option: Surety bonds. 

The Surety Bond

When you're out of bond options to get released from jail, you can call a friend or a relative to help you secure a surety bond. These are secured loans obtained through a bail bondsman. After a friend or relative pays a premium percentage and offers collateral for the loan, the bondsman will visit you in jail. You'll sign paperwork and in short, you're free to leave until your sentencing date. 

Keep in mind that if you fail to show up for your sentencing date, the bail bondsman will be responsible for paying your bail fee. And, a judge will immediately place a warrant out for your arrest. The bondsman will usually send a bounty hunter to find you and bring you back to jail to serve out your warrant sentence. 

Hopefully, you won't commit a serious crime if you decide to visit Las Vegas. But, if you are arrested for a serious crime, you'll have bail bond options from places like ABC Bail Bonds at your disposal.  


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