Learning All About Auto Loans

Learning All About Auto Loans

Get out of Jail: the Job of a Bail Bondsman

Eva Kennedy

A bail bondsman can be a criminal's best friend when they're facing a judge. The job of a bail bondsman is to be able to produce funding to the courts in order to help a defendant avoid jail time upon presentation of bail funds. They essentially act as a middle man between the person who has been arrested and the court, ensuring that the money is received in a timely manner. If a person does not pay their bail bondsman back or does not post bail in time, the bondsman can seek them out and report them for failure to repay their bond or failure to appear in court.

What Bond Is

When a judge sets a bond for someone, they are telling the defendant they can avoid jail time if they can post bail. This amount is determined by the court, and the defendant can pay or "post bail" if they are able in order to avoid being booked into prison. Often, defendants enlist the help of a bail bondsman who is able to act as a guarantor to the court that the bail will be paid. This amount is typically about ten percent of the actual price of the bond set forth by the court. If the client cannot pay, they can use assets or other collateral to guarantee that the bond will be repaid to the bondsman. 

Requirements for Bondsmen

In most cases, no formal training or education is required in order to be a bail bondsman. What is usually required is a GED minimum education along with a pristine criminal record. Some states do require bondsmen to be licensed, but this can vary depending on each state's laws. Usually an eight hour class and training is required before someone can officially enter a career as a bail bondsman. Then, the person must be hired by an agency to assist with processing the bonds with the court. 

Pros and Cons

Most bail bondsmen (like those at All Night & Day Bailbonds) will say that they enjoy being able to help people who may just need a second chance. Often, people can turn their lives around if they are given the opportunity, and seeing this happen can be very rewarding. In addition, most bond companies also charge a fee or an additional commission, so bondsmen can make a decent amount of money in this career. The downside of this job is having to go after clients who do not pay. Often, a professional bounty hunter or enforcement agency must be hired in order to find the client and bring them in to court. If someone does not pay or show up to court, recovering the money can be a long and arduous process.


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