Learning All About Auto Loans

Learning All About Auto Loans

How To Handle Your Arrest And Work With Bail Agents

Eva Kennedy

Getting arrested is a horrible experience, but you've got bigger fish to fry. Instead of lamenting being in a holding cell, put all your energy into arranging for bail. This is a process that you should know in advance since most people that get arrested had no idea that it would happen when they woke up. Follow these strategies to get the best from these circumstances. 

Do Your Best to be Peaceful and Cooperative During the Arrest

You have plenty of rights when you get arrested, but do your best to take advantage of the most important of them -- the right to remain silent. Don't give yourself any room to be taken out of context or to have the situation escalated. If the police officer senses that you are belligerent or resistant, this not only can land you additional charges but can make it more difficult to receive bail. Do your best to remain peaceful and respectful during the arrest and you'll set yourself up for success when fighting the case. For best results, you should also retain a lawyer that can speak for you during any bail hearings.

Figure Out What You Can Use as Collateral 

It's crucial that you know exactly how you will fund your bail bond once you get it. Your state will generally have some guidelines and limitations on how much bail bond agents are able to charge. You should read up on these rates and also understand which percentage you will pay upfront to get a bail bond. Many bail bond agents will accept collateral as well. Some of the best collateral to use in this regard includes real estate property, automobiles, boats, and valuable collectibles. Take inventory of your belongings and you should find some pretty good options for collateral.

Choose a Reliable Bail Bond Agent

Of course, you need to vet the background of any bail bond agent that you do business with. You need to know that they offer reliable service and act with ethics and a professional disposition. For best results, check to see if they belong with organizations such as the Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS). Always ask for copies of their license as well. Talk to four to six different bail agents before you make your final decision. 

Use these strategies to handle your arrest and to get the help you need from domestic bail bond agents. 


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