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Learning All About Auto Loans

Reasons Why Bail May Be Denied

Eva Kennedy

If your loved one is arrested and charged with a crime, bail is typically assigned fairly quickly. Unfortunately though, in some cases, bail may initially be denied for your loved one. If your loved one was denied bail, you may find yourself wondering why this is. Here are a few of the top reasons why your loved one may not be given bail right away. 

They Violated Probation or Parole

If your loved one is out on probation or parole, and they are arrested for a new crime, they have violated the terms of their probation or parole. In these cases, your loved one is not only being held for the new charges, but also for a probation or parole violation. Probation and parole violations are no bail holds. Bail will not be granted until a probation or parole violation hearing is held. Once that hearing is held, bail may be set or your loved one may be incarcerated due to their violation. 

They Committed a Serious or Violent Crime

Another reason why bail may be denied is because your loved one committed a serious or violent crime. If your loved on committed a serious or violent crime, such as making violent threats to the community or murdering someone, bail may not be set as they may be considered a risk to society. A bail hearing will take place where your loved one's defense attorney can make a case for why they are not a threat to society and why they should be released. 

They Are Considered a Flight Risk

Lastly, if your loved one is considered a flight risk, bail may initially be denied. Those who have dual citizenship or are not U.S. citizens are typically considered to be flight risks. Additionally, those who may have been fleeing or making plans to flee may be considered a flight risk. Once again, your loved one can go before a judge and make a case as to why they should not be considered a flight risk and why bail should be set for them. 

If your loved one was denied bail initially, a bail hearing will likely be set in the near future. At this hearing, a judge will determine whether bail should be granted and how much it should be set at. As soon as bail is allowed for your loved one, a bail bond service can provide you with bail bond assistance. Contact a bail bond company today to help your loved one get out of jail. 


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