Learning All About Auto Loans

Learning All About Auto Loans

4 Techniques Fugitive Recovery Agents Engage In To Find Individuals Who Skip Out On Bail

Eva Kennedy

Within the bail bond profession, one of the jobs is a fugitive recovery agent. A fugitive recovery agent is the formal name given to individuals who are often known casually as bounty hunters. Fugitive recovery agents are in the job of finding individuals who have not shown up in court, and who have broken their bond. They are extremely effective at finding individuals who have jumped bail and are trying to evade the law.

These agents use a variety of different techniques in order to find individuals who are avoiding court and skipping out on bail. If you posted bond for someone who has disappeared, a fugitive recovery agent may be your only way to find and bring in the individual and ensure you don't have to just put up the 10% of the bond you forked over for your friend or family member to be released, but the 100% of the bond which is required when someone fails to show up to court.

#1 Start With a Background Check

The agent is going to start by finding out as much as possible about the individual who skipped out on bond. To do this, they are going to run a background check. They are going to find out where they have lived, where they have worked, and where they have banked. They will gather as much detailed information as they can find about this individual to learn about their habits and backgrounds.

#2 Run a Criminal Records Check

After that, the agent will run a criminal records check. This is where they will find out if the person in question has committed any other crimes, and if so, who they committed them with. Criminals often turn to other criminals when in trouble and knowing the details of someone's criminal background can be helpful when apprehending them.

#3 Start Surveillance

Once the agent has knowledge and information about the individual who skipped out on bail, they will start surveillance. They will watch where the person lives and where they work. They are going to try to see if this person is going about their daily life and can be easily apprehended, or if they are going to need to dig deeper.

#4 Dig Deep & Find the Individual

If the individual isn't keeping up with regular routines, they will dig deeper. They will talk to other family and friends to find out where the individual is or to try to get the individual to turn themselves over. They will watch the individual's loved one and surveil them until they find the individual.

Depending on the laws of the state, the fugitive recovery agent will either arrest the individual when they find them or contact law enforcement to arrest the individual and bring the individual into custody. Click here for more info!


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