Learning All About Auto Loans

Learning All About Auto Loans

Understanding What A Bail Bond Is And How It Works

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Many people know that if you are arrested, bail bonds are an option. The problem is that is where most of their knowledge regarding bail bonds ends. Even if you never need a bail bond service yourself, you should still know what they are and how they work. If you have a friend or loved one who needs one, you can help them by knowing how to properly attain one or who to contact. You will also have an idea of how the service works in case you choose to be a bail bondsman yourself. 


The first thing you need to know about using a bail bond service deals with eligibility. You may not know that not everyone is eligible for a bail bond. There are certain restrictions. The restrictions range from the type of crime committed to your previous history with bail bond services. If you are eligible for a bail bond, you may be told after being arrested and booked into the jail. In some cases, you may have to wait until you meet with the judge, which can happen between being arrested and the next morning. Once eligible, you are allowed to contact a bondsman.

Court Date

Your court date is your most important responsibility of the bail bond service. You will be told when your court date is. When you sign the bail bond paperwork you are agreeing to show up for your court date. You must show up on time. If the court changes your court date for any reason, you must maintain the new date. It is your responsibility to maintain the date and time of your court date. You should also contact your bail bondsman if there is a change to the court date to ensure they are aware of the change. 


Many people are concerned with how to make a payment for the service. Most bond services do accept debit cards, credit cards, and cash. This can be paid by you or it can be paid by a friend or loved one. As long as you show up to the court date, you will not need to worry about losing the payment and the bond being revoked.

By understanding these basic points about what a bail bond service is you are better equipped if you or a loved one does need one in the future. If you do find you need a bail bond, contact your local bail bond service. They will walk you through the process and help you get a bail bond if you are eligible. If you have any questions about the service or the process, ask during your initial call so you are prepared for the process.  

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